10 Best Places to Sell Used DVDs Online and Locally

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You may find yourself wanting to sell used DVDs, as movie streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have become popular nowadays.

In fact, selling used DVDs is one of the easiest ways to make money (if you know where to sell them). Moreover, it helps you free up some space.

But here’s the catch. Although selling old DVDs helps you earn money without breaking a sweat, the process can sometimes be tricky. For instance, you need to figure out the right places to sell that old plastic.

Read on to find out how you can sell used DVDs hassle-free. 

sell used dvds
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Best Places to Sell Used DVDs

There are plenty of options you can rely on to get your DVDs off your hands in exchange for cash. In this article, you will find both online and local platforms where you can sell used DVDs.


sell used dvds on decluttr
source: decluttr.com

Decluttr is one of the best places to sell used dvds online. Besides DVDs, you can also sell mobile phones, video games, and blu-rays on Decluttr.

Customers find Decluttr attractive because they offer better prices compared to other sites, and shipping is free. You can get paid by PayPal, direct deposit, or check after you receive a quote for your item.

Follow these steps to sell anything on Decluttr:

  • Enter the barcode of your DVD on the site
  • You will receive a quote
  • Next is to accept the offer
  • You will be paid within 24hrs after shipping is complete

Note that your total order must be worth more than $5 to sell on Decluttr. Get the app on Google Play or Apple App store and start selling on Decluttr today. 


sell used dvds on eaglesaver
source: eaglesaver.com

Another website where you can sell your used DVDs is Eaglesaver. They also purchase video games, books, CDs, and Blu-rays. 

Selling on this site requires you to enter the barcode for your items to get a quote. You can download Eaglesaver’s free app on Google Play and Apple App store which makes getting instant cash quotes easier than before. 

Shipping the DVDs is free, so all you have to do is wait to be paid by PayPal or check once the products reach the desired destination. If your DVD is below Eaglesaver’s quality standards, they’ll ship it back to you for free.  


selling used dvds on eBay
source: eBay.com

eBay lets you sell used DVD(s) on their platform, and take advantage of the large audience. You can list as many items for sale, however, only the first 50 items listed per month are free. You have to pay $0.35 per listing, for anything more than that.

If you have other old electronics, clothing, toys, furniture, video games, and sporting goods you’d want to sell, list them on eBay where you’ll get great deals. 

There are two ways to sell on eBay. You can either set a fixed price for your product or let buyers place bids. The latter means that you release your items to the highest bidder.

To sell on eBay, start by creating an account in case you don’t have one. Second, list your items and upload images, then drop them at a shipping center. Your payments will be processed through PayPal or card transfers.

eBay also has a free app that you can use while buying and selling, and it’s available for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS users. 

Sell DVDs online

source: selldvdsonline.com

Just like the name implies, selldvdsonline.com is a great place to sell your DVDs online for cash. Additionally, you can list other items like gaming consoles on the site.

Unlike other platforms, selldvdonline.com has strict requirements so you must ensure your DVDs are in good condition. Once you prepare your DVD for sale, enter the UPC code on the website, and wait to receive a quick quote.

Selldvdsonline.com offers free shipping. You just have to print a label and you are done. If you’d like to get their free mobile app, head to Google Play store for Android, and the Apple App store for iOS. 


selling used dvds on craigslist
source: craigslist.org

If you would like to sell your DVD locally, Craigslist is the go-to platform. The best thing is that they won’t charge you any listing fee, and you can sell items in bulk.

Craigslist also allows you to sell items such as home appliances, cars, furniture, and power tools like drills. Selling on this site is easier when you have their free app for iPhone and Android. 

Publish your items on Craigslist.org, and customers will reach out to you. You don’t have to do any shipping, but you will need to arrange meet-ups to deliver the products. 


sell used dvds on bonavendi
source: bonavendi.com

Bonavendi is another app you can use to sell used DVDs, but their approach is a bit different. The site connects you with the best vendors once you have scanned your item. If you like a quote, you will be redirected to the partner site, where you will finalize the transaction.

You can also sell video games, used books, CDs, and Blu-ray collections on Bonavendi.

This platform has free apps that can be used by all smartphone users. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, the app is free to download on the Apple App store, and Google Play respectively. 


sell used dvds on facebook marketplace
source: facebook/marketplace.com

Social commerce has become the number one marketplace for online shoppers rivaling ecommerce, according to surveys. And when it comes to social media, Facebook enjoys a huge reach. It has many users around the world, which implies that you’ll find a lot of potential customers while selling your DVDs on Facebook.

You can either sell your DVDs on Facebook’s marketplace or post your items in buying and selling groups. Selling on Facebook is free, and you don’t have to cater for shipping costs. 

To sell on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Go to your feed and click Marketplace (you’ll find it in the left menu)
  • Click the plus sign to create a New Listing then select Item for Sale
  • Tap add photos, and upload photos of your DVD
  • Enter your product’s description, and if you are selling it for free set 0 as the price
  • Hit publish to post your listing

To sell on Facebook groups:

  • Click groups from your feed, and choose the relevant group
  • Select Sell Something
  • Input the product details and click Next
  • Specify your audience and complete by clicking Publish

Facebook also lets you sell furniture, clothes, tools, toys, and cars on the platform. Get their free app, for Android, and iOS to start selling your items. 


source: amazon.com

Amazon stands out among other buyback vendors because they accept almost any quality of DVDs. You can also sell books, toys, games, and home and kitchen appliances on this profitable internet site.     

You have two options on how you can sell products through Amazon. The first option is to do a third-party listing. If you opt to go with this method, you can only get paid after a customer purchases your DVD.

The other way you can sell on Amazon is to trade in your DVD. In this case, they will pay you instantly, so you’ll get your money after Amazon receives the DVD.

To do a trade-in on Amazon, begin by searching for eligible items on the trade-in store. Then choose the items you want to include in the order, and specify their condition. To conclude, enter the address you are shipping the items from, and proceed to ship them within the specified timelines. 

Amazon has a free and easy-to-use app, which you can download on Google Play and Apple App store.


source: fye.com

FYE is another retailer that accepts used DVDs in any condition. Beyond DVDs, they also buy Blu-rays, and CDs. 

Free shipping is available on DVD, CD, and Blu-ray orders worth over $40. Use a store locator to check whether there’s an FYE near you. After locating one of their stores, visit them and sell your used DVDs.

Used Bookstores

If you want to sell your DVDs locally, you can also take them to a used bookstore near you. Besides buying used books, bookstores also accept DVDs. However, a setback you could face is that they may only accept specific titles. But, why don’t you try rather than have your old DVDs sitting around collecting dust?

Other ways you can sell your used DVDs include yard sales, and taking them to consignment stores.  

Find the Value of Your DVDs

Online tools such as eagleslaver.com and decluttr.com barcode scanners can help you to figure out the value of your used DVDs. You can also compare your items with others sold recently on online sites like eBay.

Here are other ways to determine the worth of your DVDs:

  1. Check your DVDs’ condition. Your DVD needs to be operational, without too much wear, and should also be packed well.
  2. If your DVD is hard to find, then it’s likely to fetch more money than common titles
  3. Popularity. Some movie titles are usually more popular than others. DVDs with a high demand sell fast and have a higher selling price. 

Tips for Selling Used DVDs

Now that you know some of the best online and local marketplaces for your used DVDs, here are a few best practices to help you get the best value for your items and sell them fast.

  1. Know the value – Perform your own research to find out what similar DVDs are selling for. Your aim is to get a fair price, that’s neither too high nor too low. It also helps to compare different retailers to determine the ones offering the best quotes.
  2. Create a relevant title and a detailed description – A great title captures the attention of customers. Provide all the necessary details to help buyers make a decision with ease.
  3. Be honest – Give accurate information about the condition of your item. Mention any flaws your customers need to know.
  4. Pictures – Images give customers a better idea of the items you are selling. If you can post more pictures, the better, but ensure they are of good quality.
  5. Show some love with the packaging – Put the DVDs in their original cases, and pack them in a pretty wrapping. Let the buyers feel like they are receiving a gift.

Another tip that helps you sell your used stuff online, is to provide discounts to return buyers whenever it’s possible. This helps you retain customers, not forgetting that your frequent customers could also help you with referrals. 

One important thing you must note is that all the sites mentioned above don’t accept pirated DVDs. Remember that reproduction or distribution of copyrighted material is punishable by law. 

The Bottom Line

There are lots of ways you can sell your used DVDs online and locally, for some extra cash. The process in most cases is often simple; it involves posting your items’ descriptions accompanied by their images, preparing them for shipping, and getting paid.

If you are selling the DVDs at a physical store, just carry them with you to the exact premise location. Remember to compare retailers so you can secure the best deals for your items.

You may not necessarily get rich from selling used DVDs, however, it’s a great way to make money while you free up some space in your house.

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