23 Best Money Making Apps of 2022

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Money making apps offer a way to earn extra money with your smartphone, often without leaving home. All you have to do is download and install money making apps from the listicle below, and you will be rewarded with cash or gift cards for your work.

You can make money filling online surveys, getting cashback while shopping online and in-store, or investing your spare change to build your retirement funds. The money-making and savings possibilities are endless.

money making apps
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The best money making apps

All the money making apps listed in this article are free to download and available for iOS on the Apple store and Android on Google Play.

Some apps also have free browser extensions to download for people using apps to make money and earn rewards with their laptops or computers.

1. Swagbucks

Best for: Earning gift cards and PayPal cash

swagbucks app

How it works: 

Earn Swagbucks by shopping or watching videos. You can also earn Swagbucks by taking surveys or searching the web. Convert your Swagbucks to gift cards from Walmart, Amazon, and more.

Key features: 

  • Earn cashback from over 1,500 retailers.
  • Take online surveys to earn gift cards.
  • Play trivia games solo or with friends to win Swagbucks.
  • Answer Swagbucks’ daily poll to earn cash.
  • Earn Swagbucks by watching videos.
  • Get paid for checking out exclusive deals and free samples.
  • Make money searching the web with the Swagbucks search engine.
  • Earn on the go with the Swagbucks mobile app

How do you get paid? 

Swagbucks uses a point system. You can convert SB points (Swagbucks) to buy gift cards or earn PayPal cash. For example, you can convert Swagbucks to purchase gift cards ranging from $3 to $100. For instance, with 2500 Swagbucks, you can buy a $25 gift card.

Bonus: Enjoy a $10 welcome bonus.

2. Survey Junkie

Best for: Passive earning

surveyy junkie app

How it works: 

Share your opinions with Survey Junkie in exchange for rewards. You can also earn rewards by sharing your internet browsing habits.

Key features: 

  • Earn rewards by completing surveys.
  • Collect rewards by sharing digital activity.
  • Standard surveys pay up to $3.
  • Join focus groups to earn more.
  • Redeem rewards you earn for money.
  • Withdraw your cash by gift card, PayPal, check, or wire transfer.

How do you get paid? 

Similar to some other money making apps, Survey Junkie rewards work out to $1 for 100 reward points. Users with 500 points may be eligible to redeem their rewards. Payment options include e-Giftcards, PayPal, or checks. Survey Junkie also offers an option for wire transfers.

Bonus: Join focus groups to increase earnings. You can also install the SJ Pulse browser extension to earn rewards for browsing the web.

3. Healthy Wage

Best for: Losing weight while making money

healthy wage app

How it works: 

Healthy Wage app centers on weight-loss team challenges that pay cash prizes to winners. For example, the site lists a prize of up to $10,000 for losing the greatest weight percentage in your team.

Key features: 

  • Bet on your improved health by placing a wager.
  • Participate in up to 10 challenges at once.
  • Build a team or choose an existing team.
  • Earn entries into a grand prize drawing.
  • Use mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Use remote weigh-in for verification.

How do you get paid? 

Healthy Wage pays cash prizes via check or PayPal. To participate, you’ll place a (healthy) wager on yourself. Use the Healthy Wage prize calculator to see how much you can win. You can pay your wager all at once if you choose. You’ll also find options to split your payment.

Bonus: Earn sweepstakes entries for referrals or milestones and a chance to win bigger prizes.

4. Capital One Shopping

Best for: Cashback and online shopping

Capital one shopping app

How it works: 

Capital One Shopping features exclusive offers and cashback savings of up to 15%. A browser extension automatically searches for eligible coupon codes, while a mobile app helps you compare prices on the go.

Key features: 

  • Earn up to 15% cashback.
  • Compare Amazon prices to other merchants.
  • Get money-saving coupons.
  • Save automatically with coupon codes.
  • Redeem cashback earnings with gift cards for popular retailers.
  • Find local savings.
  • Track prices with a watchlist.

How do you get paid? 

Capital One Shopping offers a straightforward way to get paid. Your cashback savings appear as credits in your account. Use your credit to purchase gift cards for popular retailers. You can buy gift cards for as low as $5.

For example, if you earn 5% cashback on a $100 purchase, you’ll get a $5 credit. You can then use this credit to purchase a gift card or let your earnings build.

5. M1 Finance

Best for: Automated investing and digital banking

M1 finance app

How it works: 

M1 Finance app offers a powerful way to invest in small amounts and manage your investments. Choose from individual stocks or ETFs and schedule automatic purchases. You can also buy fractional shares so that you can choose higher-value assets.

M1 offers investments as well as digital banking that pays 1% APY.

Key features:

  • Manage investments on the go with a mobile app.
  • Rebalance your portfolio with a click.
  • Buy stocks or ETFs.
  • Enjoy fewer fees.
  • Borrow against your investments.
  • Add the convenience of digital banking.
  • Earn up to 10% cashback with the Owners Rewards Card.

How do you get paid? 

The primary way of making money with M1 Finance is through investment growth. But M1 Finance also offers 1% APY checking with 1% cashback on qualifying purchases. With M1 credit card rewards, approved borrowers can earn cashback ranging from 1.5% to 10%.

Bonus: Get up to $500 for signing up and making a $1,000 deposit.

6. Decluttr

Best for: Selling tech items and books

Decluttr app

How it works: 

Take the hassle out of selling your old phones, tablets, and more and get paid top dollar. Rather than selling your items locally and fielding questions, you can sell your items to Decluttr.

Shipping is also a breeze. Decluttr pays the shipping costs.

Key features: 

  • Sell your phone or tablet.
  • Enjoy higher rates than carrier buybacks.
  • Sell your video games, CDs, or DVDs.
  • Turn your old game console into cash.
  • Decluttr helps you wipe your old device for privacy.

How do you get paid? 

With Decluttr, you’ll get paid within a day of when your item is received. Payment options include direct deposit and PayPal. But you can also choose to have Decluttr contribute to charity.

Some restrictions apply. For example, you’ll need at least 10 media items or one tech item (such as a phone) to complete an order.

7. Fiverr

Best for: Online freelance work

Fiverr app

How it works: 

Fiverr connects freelancers with clients, letting you use your skills to earn cash on your terms. As a Fiverr seller, you create a gig detailing your offer as well as your price. Once you get an order and deliver your work, Fiverr releases your payment.

Key features: 

  • Choose from over 200 categories for your gig.
  • Work on your schedule.
  • Join for free; Fiverr takes a 20% commission.
  • Design gig packages priced from $5 to $995.
  • Learn with professional courses to take your business to the next level.

How do you get paid? 

Fiverr doesn’t use a rewards system. Instead, the platform offers a secure way for buyers and sellers to connect. You can withdraw the money you’ve earned to PayPal or your bank account. Fiverr also lets you put your money on the Fiverr Revenue Card, a debit card you can use wherever MasterCard is accepted.

8. Acorns

Best for: Small investments

Acorns app

How it works: 

Acorns app offers an affordable way to invest in stocks with easy access to online banking. Their innovative Round-Ups feature lets you invest your spare change from purchases you make every day. In time, those tiny acorns can grow into a mighty oak.

Key features: 

  • Use your spare change to invest.
  • Earn bonuses for shopping with Acorns.
  • Learn the ins and outs of effective investing.
  • Save for retirement.
  • Automatically match your investments to goals.
  • Put your investments on autopilot.
  • Choose from personal or family plans.

How do you get paid? 

Acorns isn’t a rewards program, so there’s no need to redeem points. Instead, Acorns offers automated investing with access to online banking. By combining these two elements, you can put more money to work. Benefits include automatic investments you choose as well as Real-Time Round-Ups that put your spare change to work.

9. Rakuten

Best for: Cashback bonuses from your favorite stores

Rakuten app

How it works: 

Earn cashback on the items you buy every day with Rakuten. With stores like Walmart, Target, Macy’s, and Lowe’s, Rakuten offers cashback savings for everyone. Start a free account in just seconds and join Rakuten’s 15 million members.

Key features: 

  • Shop on Rakuten.com to find offers.
  • Use the browser extension to earn cashback.
  • Enjoy standard cashback savings of 1% to 10%.
  • Find exclusive deals with up to 80% cashback.
  • Refer friends to make $30+.
  • Shop in-store and earn cashback bonuses.

How do you get paid? 

Rakuten makes cashback payouts four times per year. For example, cashback for purchases made January through March is paid on May 15th. Accounts with $5 or less roll over to the next pay period. Take your payout by check or by PayPal.

Bonus: Get a $10 Welcome Bonus when you spend $25.

10. Rover

Best for: Pet-friendly earnings

Rover app

How it works: 

Are you good with dogs? Get paid to play with pets through Rover. Offer your choice of services from dog walking to boarding.

Key features: 

  • Set your own schedule.
  • Offer doggy daycare in your home.
  • Walk pets to earn extra income.
  • Offer house-sitting or drop-in visits.
  • Earn the most with in-home boarding.
  • Learn with ongoing pet care education.
  • Enjoy safe online payments.
  • Stay protected with up to $25,000 towards vet care.

How do you get paid? 

Rover makes a solid gig choice for pet-friendly people, but there are no rewards to redeem. Instead, Rover collects the payment from the dog owner and credits your account. You can withdraw your earnings via check or through PayPal.

11. InboxDollars

Best for: Multiple ways to earn

InboxDollars app

How it works: 

With over $80 million in cash rewards paid to members, InboxDollars offers a well-established platform. In addition to cashback for online shopping, you can earn money for taking surveys, watching videos, or playing games.

Key features: 

  • Multiple ways to make money.
  • Earn up to $5 for taking online surveys.
  • Make up to $25 per survey for target groups.
  • Watch videos or movie trailers to make money.
  • Get free samples and exclusive discounts.
  • Save with coupons for groceries and more.

How do you get paid? 

InboxDollars pays you in cash rather than points. You can withdraw your earnings once you reach a minimum $30 threshold. However, you may want to build your account to $40 or more to avoid fees. InboxDollars offers payment via gift cards. You can also request a check or withdraw to PayPal.

Bonus: New members get an instant $5 signup bonus.

12. Robinhood

Best for: Commission-free investing

Robinhood app

How it works: 

Robinhood app brings low-cost investing to everyone through stocks, stock options, and crypto offerings. Invest with as little as $1 using Robinhood’s fractional shares. You can also earn interest on your cash while you plan your next trade.

Key features: 

  • Invest anywhere with mobile access.
  • Increase your earnings with commission-free trades.
  • Use Robinhood’s online checking features.
  • Learn investing basics as well as advanced trading strategies.
  • Increase earnings with no-fee crypto trades.
  • Buy fractional stocks, ETFs or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano.

How do you get paid? 

Withdraw to your bank account up to 5 times per day with a daily limit of $50,000. However, settlement rules may limit withdrawals immediately after selling an asset.

Bonus:  Robinhood adds one share of stock (chosen at random) to your account after linking your bank account. These share values can reach up to $225, but most investors will receive a share valued up to $10.

13. MyPoints

Best for: Coupon codes and deals

MyPoints app

How it works: 

Save on countless items from thousands of retailers. MyPoints app lets you instantly add the best coupon codes at check out. But you can also earn points for your purchases. For example, MyPoints currently offers eight points for every dollar spent on Amazon Devices. MyPoints also pays points for completing online surveys.

Key features: 

  • Use the MyPoints Score browser extension to earn points automatically.
  • Save with daily deals.
  • Shop in-store as well as online.
  • Earn by taking surveys.
  • Make money watching videos.
  • Earn points for in-app game purchases.

How do you get paid? 

MyPoints uses a point system to deliver rewards. You can redeem your points for gift cards or e-certificates with popular merchants. In most cases, the math works out to about 700 points for a $5 gift card but offers vary.

Bonus: Join now and get a free $10 welcome bonus.

14. DoorDash

Best for: Food delivery side gig

DoorDash app

How it works: 

Earn money making food deliveries in your town. Not every restaurant can hire drivers. That’s where DoorDash comes in. As a dasher, you can earn money on your schedule by delivering food from local restaurants to homes and businesses.

Key features: 

  • Choose when and where you work.
  • Make money when traveling to a different city.
  • An easy onboarding process gets you started fast.
  • Use your smartphone to receive nearby orders.
  • Know your pay before you accept an order.
  • Use your bicycle for deliveries in select cities.

How do you get paid? 

DoorDash pays a base amount for each order, but you can earn tips as well. You can also make more with peak pay for busy times. Choose weekly direct deposits or daily deposits to a debit card with DasherDirect.

Bonus: DoorDash also offers challenges to increase your earnings.

15. Ibotta

Best for: Mobile cashback savings

Ibotta app

How it works: 

Earn cashback online or in-store with Ibotta app. Choose your favorite products and then go shopping. Ibotta pays cashback on thousands of items. You can use Ibotta app on your mobile phone as well as your computer. So, you can save at home or on the go.

Key features: 

  • Save on products from over 1,500 brands and retailers.
  • Get cashback on groceries, home improvement, and more.
  • Use a browser extension or mobile app.
  • Link your store loyalty cards to automate savings.
  • Get cashback alerts from local stores.
  • Join more than 35 million users since 2012.

How do you get paid? 

Points and rewards can be confusing. Instead, Ibotta pays real money. Once you earn $20 with Ibotta, you can transfer your earnings to PayPal or Venmo. You can also redeem your earnings with gift cards, such as Amazon or Starbucks.

16. Dosh

Best for: Automatic cashback savings


How it works: 

Some cashback apps make you scan receipts and track purchases. Dosh puts your savings on autopilot instead. Just connect Dosh to your payment cards, and Dosh does the rest. Get cashback from over 10,000 merchants.

Key features: 

  • Enjoy cashback savings of up to 10% on everyday purchases.
  • Earn when shopping, dining, or booking hotels.
  • Save with cashback from Walmart, GNC, Pizza Hut, and more.
  • Earn cashback automatically.

How do you get paid? 

Dosh pays in real cash rather than points. So, the money you earn is easy to access. Once you reach $25 in cashback earnings, you can transfer money to your PayPal or Venmo account. You can also transfer to your bank or donate to charity.

17. Fetch Rewards

Best for: Cashback at any store

Fetch Rewards

How it works: 

Fetch Rewards lets you earn cashback for snapping receipts with their easy-to-use mobile app. Groceries, fast food, and clothing receipts earn a minimum of 25 points. But Fetch Rewards offers additional points for select purchases and retailers.

Key features: 

  • Earn points for snapping receipts for everyday items.
  • Accrue additional points buying from participating brands.
  • Shop anywhere to save.
  • Complete special offers to earn bonus points.
  • Refer a friend to earn 2,000 points or more.

How do you get paid? 

Fetch Rewards’ point system lets you redeem your points for gift cards. But you can also choose sweepstakes entries, magazines, and more. Most rewards require at least 3,000 points. For example, a $5 Amazon gift card costs 5,000 points. Fetch Rewards also offers Visa and MasterCard gift cards.

Bonus: Earn a bonus for snapping your 1st and 2nd receipt.

18. Instacart

Best for: Making money for delivering groceries


How it works: 

Make money shopping and delivering groceries with Instacart. Choose from two roles. You can work as a full-service shopper who shops and delivers. You could instead choose to be an in-store employee for Instacart.

Key features: 

  • Work on your schedule.
  • Earn up to $25 per hour.
  • Find work in all 50 states and nearly 6,000 cities.
  • See orders before accepting.
  • Get paid 30 to 60 minutes after delivery.
  • Keep 100% of your tips.
  • Work as an independent contractor or employee.

How do you get paid? 

Instacart pays you directly for your work. So, there are no points to redeem. Instead, Instacart pays weekly to your checking or savings account. But full-service shoppers can cash out several times daily to Instant Cashout, a debit card for Instacart.

Bonus: Earn a bonus for referring people to Instacart.

19. TopCashback

Best for: Higher cashback earnings

Top Cashback

How it works: 

Get paid to shop with cashback rewards from over 4,000 merchants. Topcashback also offers coupons. So, your savings can add up quickly. TopCashback passes 100% of its sales commission back to members.

Key features: 

  • Find savings using a mobile app or browser.
  • Enjoy cashback payouts of up to 20% or more.
  • Shop with over 4,000 merchants.
  • Find coupon codes and in-store coupons.
  • Search for savings by category.

How do you get paid? 

TopCashback doesn’t have a minimum payout amount. But you may have to wait until TopCashback receives its commission on the sale. You’ll have several ways to collect your cashback earnings, including PayPal as well as bank transfers. You can also redeem your earnings for gift cards with popular stores.

Bonus: Get paid $25 for referrals with TopCashback’s Tell-a-Friend bonus.

20. Trim

Best for: Saving on living expenses


How it works: 

Trim app identifies areas where you can save money and does the work for you. Trim’s unique service can negotiate costs, lowering your expenses. Save on cable, internet, wireless, and more. Trim can also cancel subscriptions you don’t need. But you won’t pay a dime unless Trim can save you money.

Key features: 

  • Let Trim negotiate a lower cost for internet service.
  • Save on wireless as well as cable bills.
  • Cancel old subscriptions so that you can save money each month.
  • Let Trim negotiate medical bills.
  • Get lower interest rates and bank fees.
  • Grow your savings automatically with an FDIC-insured bank account.

How do you get paid? 

A penny saved is a penny earned. Trim helps you reduce everyday living costs, so there is no payout. Your savings each month are yours to keep. However, Trim does charge a fee for some negotiation services if they can save you money.

21. TaskRabbit

Best for: Flexible gig work

Task Rabbit

How it works: 

TaskRabbit offers ways to earn in over 50 task categories, such as cleaning, moving, car-washing, and others. You can also work in skilled areas, including electrical work or plumbing.

TaskRabbit matches clients with taskers, letting you work in the area you prefer. You might be surprised by how much you can earn hourly.

Key features: 

  • Make your own schedule.
  • Set your rates.
  • Choose which type of tasks you’ll complete.
  • Start earning in just days.
  • Select tasks in multiple categories for more opportunities.

How do you get paid? 

TaskRabbit app collects money from the client and pays you for your work. So, there are no rewards to redeem. Instead, TaskRabbit makes an automatic payment to your bank account after you’ve completed the task.

22. Postmates

Best for: Food and grocery delivery


How it works: 

Postmates, recently acquired by Uber, offers food delivery from local restaurants. But they also provide delivery of some grocery items. Need someone to pick up some aspirin from a local pharmacy? Postmates can make it happen. In short, this spells opportunity if you want to make some extra money by making deliveries.

Key features: 

  • Make money by delivering food as well as grocery items.
  • Find work in all 50 states.
  • Use your car, bike (in certain cities), or scooter.
  • Work on your schedule.
  • Easily track your earnings.
  • Earn a fee for each delivery as well as a per-mile rate.
  • Get paid weekly or daily.

How do you get paid? 

Since Uber acquired Postmates, payment methods parallel those for Uber Eats. Expect payment to your bank account weekly. However, you can also qualify for daily payouts through an Instant Pay debit card.

23. Earny

Best for: Cashback and easy refunds


How it works: 

If you’ve ever bought something only to see the price drop later, then you’ll see value in this money making app. Earny links to your inbox to look for items you’ve purchased. If there’s a price drop, then Earny goes to work to get a refund for the price difference.

You’ll pay a small subscription fee to access all of Earny’s features.

Key features: 

  • Get price protection for price drops.
  • Monitor your Amazon wish list for lower prices.
  • Find cashback deals from over 5,000 brands.
  • Get cashback on purchases with Earny’s browser extension.
  • Enjoy cashback savings of up to 20%.
  • Get shipping refunds on late Amazon deliveries.

How do you get paid? 

If you use Earny for refunds, then you can expect a credit to your purchase card within seven to ten days. However, you can cash out via PayPal when you reach $15 of cashback earnings.

Bonus: Earn $5 for referring friends to Earny.

Use money making apps to boost your income

Money making apps have come a long way and also offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to save money, make money, or invest, there’s a way to reach your goals.

In many cases, you’ll only need your smartphone to get started. But some legit money making apps add more features when paired with the app website or browser extension.

Above all, you’re not limited to one way to make (or save) money. You can mix money-making-apps to build a money-smart strategy that fits your lifestyle.

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