The Best Online Tutoring Jobs to Make Extra Cash

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Online tutoring jobs offer a rewarding opportunity that provides flexibility and good pay. In fact, many online tutoring jobs pay up to double the median hourly wage in the US.

However, you aren’t just limited to US students. Online teaching has gone international and you can tutor students from the US or from another country.

Some tutors work full time while others tutor part time to earn some extra money. If you have teaching experience or credentials, working as an online tutor could be a great fit.

online tutoring jobs
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Update your tutor resume

When updating your tutor resume, be sure to emphasize the qualifications that make you the best choice for the online tutoring job. Everyone has a unique set of expertise and experiences.

It’s important to stand out from the crowd and highlight your in-demand skills. It may even make sense to have more than one tutoring resume, with each tailored to a specific type of work or employer.

Each employer may have specific criteria for new hires.

  • Highlight your skills, education, and experience.
  • Highlight your achievements.
  • Customize your resume for each application.
  • Tailor your intro paragraph to each job.
  • Proofread your work. Also, have someone else review your resume.

Writing an effective resume isn’t rocket science, but some resumes are more effective than others. When applying for an online tutoring job, a well-crafted resume should be your main priority to land the job.

If you think you might need a hand, consider using a service like They offer fast turnaround and one-on-one consultation. Consider the small cost as an investment in your future.

How to find the best online tutoring jobs near you

source: is one of the best resources you’ll find when you’re looking for online tutoring jobs near me. Most of the job listings for this category offer remote work, but you’ll also find options to work on site.

Required experience ranges from entry level up to senior management. Of course, you can sort your search results by preference as well.

For example, you can refine your results to only show your area, a certain category or experience level, or jobs that offer remote work. You’ll also find a mix of employment types. Some employers hire W-4 employees.

Others hire freelancers and pay on a 1099. If you choose a job as a 1099 worker, be sure to read the rest of the article where we detail the steps you’ll need to take to protect your online tutoring business.

Online tutoring jobs websites

1.VIPKid tutors

vipkid online tutoring website

Since its beginning in 2014, VIPKid has grown to over 700,000 students. The online teaching company offers flexible schedules and the chance to earn over $20 per hour. Because the classes are all online, you can work from anywhere.

No doubt, all this helped VIPKid earn a top 10 ranking on Glassdoor’s 2020 Best Places to Work based on employee reviews. VIPKid focuses on teaching English to Chinese students. You won’t need to learn Chinese, however.

You’ll be teaching English, in English. The online learning curriculum uses 100% immersion and students typically know enough English language to follow along.

Expect to teach kids ranging in age from 5 to 12. VIPKid even puts together the curriculum for you. You’ll need a degree to get started with VIPKid. You’ll also need a clean, quiet area to work and a computer with a webcam and microphone.

Getting started is easy. Just apply at VIPKid’s team will walk you through the simple process.

2.Qkids tutors

qkids online tutoring website

Similar to VIPkids, Qkids, started in 2015, also teaches English to children in China. Classes are taught online, so you’ll need a computer with a webcam and microphone.

Pay through Qkids is by the class, with each 30-minute class paying $8. The company also offers incentive pay. Teaching slots available 7 days per week ensure that you can work on your schedule.

Based on reviews, over 80% of the teachers at Qkids would recommend the job to a friend. While most reviews are positive, some teachers noted that the job may require early hours.

Qkids only teaches North American English. The company provides lesson plans. While there’s no need to memorize the curriculum, Qkids just asks that you familiarize yourself with the material before class.

Expect to teach younger students ranging from age 4 to 12. With smaller classes, you’ll have up to 4 students per class.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and teaching license or certificate to work with Qkids. They also recommend a high-speed internet connection. To apply, visit

3.Wyzant tutors

wyzant online tutoring website

With over 300 tutoring topics, Wyzant, founded in 2005, works more like an online talent finder and payment platform. Students can choose which tutor they want to work with.

Tutors can choose their subjects and set their own rates. You can tutor online or in person. Students rate Wyzant as excellent on Trustpilot. Reviews from tutors on Glassdoor point to flexibility as a key benefit.

As a tutor, you can specialize in any of Wyzant’s more than 300 subjects. For example, we found tutors for programming. But we also found some who specialized in certain types of programming.

If you have specialized knowledge, hourly earnings can be higher. Student ages vary and usually correlate to subjects. For example, Elementary math attracts more children than adults.

By comparison, tutoring for tax accounting draws older students. Your specialty largely determines the age range of your students. Wyzant’s onboarding team reviews applications for acceptance.

Requirements vary based on your tutoring specialty. Expect to provide information on your background and certifications that demonstrate your expertise.

To get started, visit You can apply and start building your online profile.

4.Varsity tutors

varsitytutors online tutoring website

Started in 2007, Varsity Tutors brings over a decade of experience and offers in-person tutoring. If you’re in a major metro area, like New York, Philadelphia, or Miami, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to tutor students locally.

Varsity also offers online tutoring. The company scores an impressive 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

Subjects offered range from general tutoring to tutoring for specific tests, like the SAT, or specific subjects, such as algebra or statistics.

The age of your students can be as varied as the subjects themselves. Many tutors with Varsity work with students of all ages, children to adults.

You’ll need a degree related to your chosen subjects and real-world experience can help you earn more clients. For local work, be sure you have reliable transportation.

Online work uses the Varsity Tutors web-based platform. To get started and to build your profile, apply at

5.Princeton Review tutors

princetonreview online tutoring website

Dating back to 1981, The Princeton Review is a well-established tutoring and test prep service. Much of the company’s offering still revolves around testing prep, such as SAT, ACT, or MCAT testing.

Students boast of improved test scores, often improved enough to qualify for their school of choice or even earn scholarships.

There’s solid value found in The Princeton Review’s subscription-based service. Students rate the service with a strong 4-star rating at Trustpilot.

Most students range from high-school age to college age. However, in some cases, you may also have graduate students, such as those studying for their GRE or those readying for their CFA exam.

To work as an MCAT instructor, you may need a bachelor’s degree. You can qualify for other types of tutoring and test-prep assistance by passing a qualifying exam.

All work is done online, so you’ll also need a reliable computer. The Princeton Review also requires an interview and an audition. To apply, visit The Princeton Review’s application page.

6.Chegg tutors

chegg online tutoring website

Founded in 2005, Chegg has established its service using a unique value point. A 3-tiered subscription model offers 2 monthly help-by-chat options or a video tutoring option.

Pay for tutors starts at $20 per hour and Chegg’s top tutors earn over $1,000 per month. Chegg faces mixed reviews on trustpilot, a consumer-focused rating platform.

However, the company enjoys high marks from staff and tutors on Glassdoor. Subjects available through Chegg cover a broad range and also include granular topics.

For example, students can choose help with programming — or they can choose a tutor who specializes in MIPS Assembly Language.

Student ages range based on subject type. However, most subjects attract high school or college students. You’ll need a 4-year degree or must be a student enrolled in college to qualify with Chegg.

Teaching or tutoring experience is also helpful. To get started, visit

7.Course Hero tutors

course hero online tutoring website

Since 2006, Course Hero has become a trusted source for study resources, textbooks, and homework help. The company sees its role as helping college students to complete the curriculum and maximize the investment they’ve made in their education.

While Course Hero enjoys strong ratings from students on Trustpilot, employees and tutors give the company excellent ratings on Glassdoor.

The question-based tutoring service pays about $3 for each answer and many tutors earn over $300 per week. A student rating system drives the amount of questions tutors receive.

Course Hero’s curriculum parallels the course offering at major colleges. Course subjects range from Algebra to World History — and everything in between.

Expect to work with college students and graduate students through an innovative question and answer chat platform. Course Hero doesn’t require certification as a tutor or teaching experience to work as a tutor.

However, you’ll need to provide credentials that indicate your expertise. To apply and start earning with a flexible schedule, visit

8.Preply tutors

preply online tutoring website

Preply started in 2012 with a focus on teaching languages. While the online platform supports over 100 subjects, language lessons form the foundation.

You’ll also find opportunities to tutor in math algebra, physics, and more. Students rank Preply highly on Trustpilot (4.3 stars average).

However, tutors have also commented on trustpilot, indicating that the first lesson for new students isn’t paid. Be sure to understand your contract before you start with any tutoring platform.

Top tutors earn up to $550 per week with Preply. Because subjects range from languages to test prep to hobbies, student age can vary as well.

Expect a wide range of ages for some subjects, particularly languages. You won’t need a teaching degree to work as a tutor on Preply. But the right credentials can help you attract more students.

Preply’s machine learning algorithm helps match tutors to students based on your tutor profile. To build your profile and start applying for an online tutoring job, visit

9.TutorMe tutors

tutorme online tutoring website

One of the newer tutoring platforms, TutorMe was started in 2015. The company focuses on online on-demand learning. With over 300 subjects, TutorMe has a lot to offer to students and tutors.

Both students and tutors rank TutorMe highly on Trustpilot, with the company earning a 4.5 star rating. From computer science to test prep to languages, you’ll find a wide range of teaching subjects with TutorMe.

Age range for students can vary, but most students are college students or college-prep students. You’ll need a Facebook account to get started with TutorMe.

You’ll also need prior tutoring or teaching experience. TutorMe recruits tutors with a degree as well as those enrolled in an approved school to earn a degree.

TutorMe pays hourly, plus bonuses. To apply for an online tutoring job please, visit

10.Cambly tutors

cambly online tutoring website

English language learning is in demand worldwide, and Cambly was founded in 2012 to provide an innovative way to learn. With support for web-based classes as well as apps for mobile, Cambly strives to make learning accessible to everyone.

Mixed reviews on Trustpilot and Glassdoor indicate that Cambly, like any platform, has both pros and cons. However, tutors point to having conversations with people all over the world — while being paid — as one of the main draws to Cambly.

Students can take an English course, practice conversational English, or practice for the IELTS or TOEFL, which are both tests for English as a foreign language.

Age range of students can vary widely from kids around the world to adults learning English for professional reasons. Unlike many other platforms, Cambly doesn’t require teaching experience — or even a degree.

The company vets applicants with a focus on finding friendly native English speakers. Bring your best smile and be sure to speak clearly. To get started, visit

How to start your online tutoring business

Although an online tutoring job can offer a great way to earn extra cash, having your own tutoring business working from home can be rewarding. Here are 10 steps to help you start being your boss.

1. Plan your tutoring business

Every great business starts with a plan. Make some decisions on how you see your business progressing. Also, be sure to account for roadblocks and make plans on how to overcome these obstacles.

Decide what you want to teach. If you’re skilled in more than one area, it often pays to specialize. Also, consider extra certificates that can set you apart from the rest.

Choose the age level you prefer to teach. In many cases, the topics you choose to teach attract students within an age range. Teaching to a similar age group can help you develop more efficient ways of teaching.

Lastly, give some thought to when you want to teach. Plan on a schedule that allows you to maximize your earnings through other sources as well.

2. Register a name for your brand

Getting work through tutoring platforms is great, but you’ll want to develop your own brand name as well. The first step is to choose a domain name and consider website hosting.

Shorter domain names are often better and easier to remember. Another thing to consider is using a generic domain name that explains what your business does.

Choose a trusted provider like While best known for hosting and WordPress hosting, Bluehost also offers domain name registration. Some hosting packages even offer free domain name registration for your first year.

3. Build your online tutoring business presence

Website content management systems like WordPress make running large sites easier than ever. However, not everyone needs the complexity of a modern CMS.

Instead, providers like offer a simpler experience and offer website packages that fit your business. For those on a tight budget, Wix provides a way to get started for free.

However, you’ll probably want to choose one of Wix’s affordable plans. For example, for less than 50 cents per day, You can get up to 2GB of bandwidth per month.

You’ll also get Wix’s powerful website building and management tools. All paid plans come with free domain name registration for 1 year.

4. Establish an LLC

Setting up an LLC for your online tutoring business can help protect your personal assets. In effect, a limited liability company acts like a firewall between your business and personal financial life.

You’ll still need to run your LLC in a business-like manner, but an LLC can help protect you against personal liability. Your LLC is a separate legal entity even if you are the only member.

While you can start an LLC on your own, several well-known services offer packages that simplify the process. Rules and processes vary by state, so start by visiting the online business portal for your state.

If you’re starting an LLC on your own, expect to pay $100 or more in state filing fees. An accountant or business service typically charges $80 or more for formation — plus the state filing fee.

5. Open a business account

It’s important to keep your business income (and expenses) separate from your personal funds. The simple solution is to open a business bank account. However, you’ll need to form your business first.

Your bank will also need a letter of resolution. This letter details key information about your LLC, including who is authorized to conduct banking for the LLC.

You can find templates online or have your accountant draft a letter of resolution. Lastly, you’ll also need a Federal Employer Tax Identification Number (FEIN) to open a business bank account.

It’s important to keep your business funds separate from your personal funds. Mixing the two is called commingling funds and can lead to personal financial risk. It can also open you up to personal liability for business actions.

6. Get a business credit card

Even if you don’t plan to use credit often, it’s a good idea to establish credit for your business. We don’t know what the future might bring or when you might need access to credit.

Also, credit cards offer a safer way to pay for services or supplies when compared to business debit cards. As a new business, expect banks to base your eligibility and rates on your personal credit history.

In fact, in many cases, you’ll find that you’re personally responsible for many types of credit opened in your business name. Just like in your personal life, be sure to use credit wisely in your business.

7. Set up your business accounting

Managing the accounting for a tutoring business is simpler than for some other types of businesses. From a math standpoint, you usually only have two categories: income and expense.

But you don’t want to manage this on paper. Human error can be costly and proper accounting is essential for tax purposes and other reasons.

Many tutors use QuickBooks to manage their accounting. Others choose newer accounting options like FreshBooks. You can also use an accountant if you prefer to have an expert handle the books.

For those on a tight budget, open source software like GnuCash offer a way to manage your books for free.

8. Get necessary licenses and permits

In most cases, tutoring won’t require a license. Rules can also vary from state to state — or even by town. Check with your state and township to see what they require to operate your business.

Also, check with each platform you might use to generate business. In some cases, you may need a degree or certificate. However, this differs from the legal requirements in each state or municipality.

If your home is part of an HOA, check your HOA rules as well. Some homeowners associations prohibit home-based businesses. While online tutoring work may not be an issue, students who come to your home may be a concern.

9. Get business insurance

Even with the most careful of planning, it’s the unexpected that can make your business vulnerable. Talk to an insurance agent to find out what types of coverage you’ll need for your business.

At a minimum, consider liability insurance. You’ll want your policy to cover general liability as well as professional liability. Your home or renters insurance only covers personal liability risk.

Business-related risks are usually excluded from coverage, so you’ll need a separate policy. General liability coverage protects against risks like slips or falls if you have a business visitor to your home.

Professional liability coverage protects against claims based on your business actions. If you have a large investment in teaching equipment, you can also consider business property insurance.

10. Register your company for taxes

Your business is a separate legal entity — and that means you’ll need to register your business for taxes. The IRS offers a simple online application to get you started.

After you complete the application, you’ll be assigned an FEIN. In many cases, you can use your FEIN for filing state taxes as well.

Depending on your location and what you offer in your tutoring business, you may also need to plan for state sales tax or city sales tax.

For example, if you sell downloadable materials or sell supplies or equipment to students, these items may be subject to sales tax. Do your research on tax requirements in your area.

Bottom line on online tutoring jobs

Having an online tutoring job can be a great way to earn extra money or can even turn into a full-time business. If you enjoy teaching — but also value flexibility and the ability to choose your own path, consider working as a tutor.

No matter what your specialty is, there’s someone out there who can benefit from your knowledge.

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